How to use lollies and candies in the most creative ways on...

How to use lollies and candies in the most creative ways on top of cakes and other desserts?


Children love to consume lollies and it is an item that you can find at every store and shop. Whether you are going to pick your kids from school, or they are out at a festival, lollipops are something they would never say no to. You can also offer candies to your kids when you need to divert their attention. Kids are amused with different types of candies, lollies and sweets. There is a wide variety of flavours and colours available in the market.


When parents arrange a birthday party for their kids, they use various types of candies and lollies. They can also be used to decorate desserts and cake tables. Jelly beans, candies and lollipops are the most famous ones for these tables. Adults also like to consume these candies once in a while. It is not recommended that you give these to your kids on a daily basis, as it can affect their teeth. But you can provide them on special occasions to add to their joy and happiness.

Decorate the candy buffet for any occasion:

There is a rising trend for arranging candy buffet table for different occasions, especially your child’s birthday bash. You can display candies, sweets, toffees and jelly beans in different colorful jars and bowls. You can also add them to the desserts to give them attractive colors.

Top the cake with a chocolate lollipop:

There is a wide variety of lollipops available in the market. They are not only restricted to candy flavours, they can also be coated by chocolate. These chocolate cake toppers are used widely for topping cakes. The different colors are favourite for all and make the cakes look beautiful. Chocolate is something which everyone likes, regardless of their age. It can be consumed as a whole, an ice cream flavour or as a candy. Chocolate topper complements a cake better than any other options. You can also make them on your own and prepare a bunch in less time. They are less costly as compared to other sprinkles and cake toppings. In combination with these toppings, you can also use jelly beans to make your dessert look attractive. They create a ravishing demand for the people to a consumer. There are various other confectionaries that can be decorated with these items like donuts, etc. They are eye-catching and build interest for all ages to consume these desserts.

We know that kids always feel excited to see candies, sweets, toffees and lollipops. There are a number of flavors that they can choose from, like strawberry, apple, banana, mango, blueberry and orange. They come in different shapes, colors and designs as well. People also use them from branding their products and latest cartoon characters and superheroes like Superman, etc. that are admired by kids of all ages.

Use lollipops for gifts and presents:

Candies are a favourite for almost all ages of children. They look very attractive due to their variety of shapes and colours. You can find a lot of candies in the local market, and use them to decorate gifts for your loved one. They can make your present look more beautiful.

All the above ideas can help you in utilizing candies and sweets in the unique ways. You can use different techniques to use these items to make a candy buffet corner at a dinner party. They are one of the things that remind us of our childhood memories and fun associated with candies.